10+ Websites for Downloading Free High Quality Icons

Everybody knows icons are how useful in accomplishment of our different projects. Icons are used in various projects like template designs, widget designs and decorating our own desktop. Icons are very attractive and eye catching. It makes your designs more professional and lively.

You need high quality icons for a new template, an application or a widget that you are designing. There are a lot of website providing icon downloads. However, sometimes you have to pay for downloading icons

10+ Websites for Downloading Free High Quality Icons

But, why pay for downloading icons, where there are dozen of websites which are providing absolutely free downloads of high quality icons. Below I have picked top 15 websites providing free icon downloads which can be used in different designs and projects.

Download High Quality Icons

1. Easy Icon: Easy Icon is a icon search engine. Enter keywords search and free download icons from a database containing more than 450,000 icons.

2. Find Icons: This is also an icon search engine. Download 400,000+ free high quality PNG and web icons from over 2000 icon packs.

3. Icon Archive: This is one of the popular free icons download site used by people. This website provides 400,000+ free icons and 1500+ icon sets.

4. Icon Gallery: Find your desired icons and download them for free from a collection of 404,000+ icons. You can also browse over 2000 icon sets to download free icons for your projects.

5. Icons Pedia: This is one of the largest internet database of free icons ready to download. It provides a lot of icons downloads in 17 categories.

6. Mr. Icons: Search and free download over 120,000 icons or browse 473 icon sets to download free high quality icons in PNG and ICO formats.

7. Free Icons Web: Download over 33,000 free high quality icons. Choose free icons from over 1200 icon sets and 20 different categories.

8. Icon Smash: This is website contains icons ready for free download in 42 different categories. All the icons are free for personal uses. Not allowed for commercial uses.

9. Best Free Icons: Download 20,000+ free and high quality icons. Download icons in different categories. So start downloading free icons best for your niche.

10. Ico Box: Download 15000+ free and high quality icons for personal and non-commercial uses. Download numerous free icons from 180+ icon sets.

11. Dry Icons: Free download icons from 70+ high quality icon sets. Download 3500+ free high quality icons free for personal and non-commercial uses.

12. Pro Icons: Download 2500 free high quality icons to use in your different projects. Download icons in two file types .PNG and .ICO. The icons are allowed to use for personal and non-commercial uses only.

13. Icon Monstr: Download 1300+ free icons for use in your projects. Allowed for both personal and commercial uses with no attribution. However, the icons must not be resold or sub licensed.

14. Endless Icons: This website contains some simply beautiful icon pieces. Browse 282 icon sets and download free icons. All the icons in this website are black and transparent.

15. Free Icons Download: This website contains 600+ icon sets in 17 different categories. The icons are allowed for personal and non-commercial uses.


  • Some websites doesn’t allow the commercial use of their icons.
  • Some websites may ask you for an attribution for using their icons.
  • All icons are cost free and free to use for personal purposes.
  • Some websites allows commercial use of their icons.
  • Selling and sub-licensing of icons are not allowed.

These are the 15 best websites I found around the web for downloading free high quality icons. So, now start downloading free  high quality icons for your new projects from the websites listed above and if I missed your favorite websites for free icon downloads in my list then must inform me via comments.

About the author 

Anil Mahapatra

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