5 Easy Ways To Cure Facebook Addiction

by Jacob koshy // in News

Hello there, if you landed on this page from google, we know what you are here for. You want to quit facebook or atleast limit it’s usage. Since it’s start in 2004, facebook has been keeping people glued to a computer monitor for the whole day, without even thinking of their real life. It’s a social networking site, but not any substitute to the real life. Facebook is good when used moderately but the problem is that it can gradually become addictive for a good number of people. The time you spent on facebook is literally wasted. So, the question is ‘how to cure facebook addiction?’

Facebook Addiction

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We have 5 creative ways that can help you quit heavy facebooking and make that time productive as well.

Get A Pet

Pet Dog - Facebook Addiction

If you don’t have a pet yet(it rhymes!), get one and you will find less time for facebooking afterwards. Dogs are the best pets to have, although it dosen’t matter which animal you have as a pet. When you have built up an affection with your pet, you will realize that there were better things than facebook on earth. Also, you get a companion; your pet. Having a pet would keep you engaged in feeding and taking care of it. This is one of the easiest ways to control facebook addiction.

Start A Blog

blog - Facebook Addiction

Starting a blog is one of the best possible idea that can keep you busy as well as entertained apart from facebook. You may wonder how blogging is much different from social network. But there is one major difference, blogging is productive whereas social network isn’t. If you get addicted to blogging, it becomes a source of money. That’s the worst to happen from blogging! (pun intended). So sign out of facebook and start a blog today!

Make A Garden

make a garden - Facebook Addiction

Gardening is one of the oldest hobbies of mankind. The advancements of technology has almost killed it. But trust me, it can make you happy and busy. Watering the plants and waiting for the new bud to flower will be wonderful time. Watching butterflies in your garden is a better experience than waiting for ‘Likes’ on your status update.

Read Interesting books

Read a book - Facebook Addiction

Read some books that interests you, be it fiction, novel or anything for that matter. Good books can keep facebook away from your thoughts. You can even find tons of ebooks on the internet to be explored. Reading books will improve your knowledge base as well as pass your time. It ensures that the time you spent is always productive.

Travel To New Places

Travel to new place - Facebook Addiction

Travelling can be a great way to get a fresh new mind and put an end to the internet world. It exposes you to the real social world rather than the virtual one offered by facebook. Carry a camera when you travel, so that you don’t miss anything you see. Afterall you will have a memorable journey and some good time that internet media can never give you.

There are many more interesting things that can keep your eyes away from that pale computer screen. But it’s your personal choice to live a real life rather than the virtual one on internet.

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