Apple’s Siri in Hindi – Say Namaste!

siri in hindi

Siri in Hindi

Apple’s iPhone 4S smartphone featuring Siri virtual assistant service currently supports English, French, German and Japanese languages. Recently, an iOS developer named Kunal Kual made siri connect to his Google API service and interacted in Hindi adding siri in Hindi language. This adds an addition to Hindi Language support for Apple’s Siri service.

While Apple has already promised to bring Italian, Chinese, Korean and Spanish Languages later this year, but there is no sign of Hindi language support for Siri until Kunal kual made this possible. iPhone 4S users will thus make Siri speak in Hindi.

The Developer talks to Siri and question her in English while Siri replies back in Hindi by vocal and via screen text. Also, the developer confirmed that the work is on progress and will take time to come up with a full fledged Hindi language support for Siri. We can soon have Apple’s siri in Hindi.

The developer also made a video showing Siri talking in Hindi. Check out the video right after this break.

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