HD Wallpapers from ARX Designs Released

Hey folks, if you are a true HD Wallpaper Lover and like simplicity in design but Quality in output, have a glimpse at some of the awesome HD Wallpaper set by ARX Designs.

HD Wallpapers

1.  Aurey by ARX
“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”

Aurey HD Wallpapers

Download Aurey by ARX

2. Caren by ARX
“Colors are are Everything”

Caren HD Wallpapers

Download Caren by ARX

3.  Cura by ARX

“A New Random Design HD Wall Pack”

Cura HD Wallpapers

Download Cura by ARX

4.  Dragnoid by ARX
“A New HD Wall Pack With 6 Different  Colors” 

Dragnoid HD Wallpapers

Download Dragnoid by ARX

5.  X-Fibers by ARX
“A Pack of Full HD Colorful Walls (6 Different Colors)”

X-Fibers HD Wallpapers

Download X-Fibers by ARX

6.  Repulsion by ARX
“A Design Which Repulse You”

Repulsion HD Wallpapers

Download Repulsion by ARX

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