BlackBerry India Slashes Down Multiple HandSet Pricetags!

Blackberry India

Blackberry India has slashed down price-tags of four of its handsets,significantly a Major Move to get into the Competition of Smartphone Market,The Models which reportedly got a Price cut are:-

High-End Handsets

Blackberry Torch - BlackBerry India - Gizmolord

Blackberry Torch Which was Selling at Approximately 30,000/- is Selling at 21999/-

Mid-Level Handsets

Blackberry Curve 9360 - BlackBerry India - Gizmolord

Curve 9360 which was Selling at a Pricetag of 19990/- will be selling for 18990/-

Blackberry Curve 9380 - BlackBerry India - Gizmolord

Curve 9380 which had a Pricetag of  20,999 is now available at 16,999

Entry-level Handsets

Blackberry Curve 8250 - BlackBerry India - Gizmolord

The Curve 8250 Which was Stable at 10,999/- has Dropped down to 8,990

These Major Price-Cuts may be for multiple reasons but These price-cuts will surely make a huge impact on profits Evidently it might also increase BlackBerry’s Indian market presence. This is a Good move to Protect BlackBerry’s sinking ship.

Do you think it is enough to make BlackBerry Survive the Loss Crisis? Do let us Know ;)

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  • Q)Do you think it is enough to make BlackBerry Survive the Loss Crisis?¬†

    A)Nope.  Still over priced phones

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