How to Save Drowned Smartphones

Have you accidentally dropped your mobile phone in water or down the toilet? Well, this happens a lot. Don’t panic! Even if it’s an expensive smartphone, you still have a chance to save your drowned smartphones – you just need to move quickly. And a little bit of luck would be good, too.

Save Drowned Smartphones

How to Save Drowned Smartphones - GizmoLord

So, if your smartphone is completely wet now, follow these steps to save drowned smartphones and make it work again:

1. Don’t hesitate and take your phone out of water as soon as possible. Most phones turn off when they contact with water, and that’s very good – the chances are high its life isn’t over yet! If you see your phone is off, don’t even think of trying to turn it on – you won’t be able to use it for at least two or three days, so get used to that thought. If the phone is still on after falling in water, switch it off as soon as possible.

2. Take out the SIM card if your phone has one.

3. Take out the battery, too. If your phone’s battery isn’t removable (like in the iPhones), it’s very bad, but still, don’t give up.

4. When all removable things are removed, try to get out as much water as you can: shake the phone (carefully!), use tissues and towels to dry it.

5. Do NOT use vacuum cleaners or hair dryers on your phone, no matter how big the temptation is. And do NOT put it in the microwave! Though some people say it’s OK to use vacuum cleaners on phones with removable batteries, I don’t think it’s safe enough, so better don’t risk it.

6. Take a bowl of uncooked rice and put your phone in it for two or three days – the longer the better. Rice absorbs moisture, so it’ll help to dry it. A bowl of silica gel would actually work even better than rice, but most people just don’t usually have it at hand.

Phone kept in uncooked rice - Save drowned smartphone
Phone kept in uncooked rice

7. After two or three days you can take the phone from the bowl of rice and try to put the battery and the SIM card back, but first make sure it’s completely dry! If you try to switch it on when it’s still a bit wet, it will most likely kill your phone.

8. Switch it on and see if it works.

Congratulations, if everything is OK!

Let me add that there is no 100% way to save a drowned smartphone, but if you don’t waste time and follow these steps quickly, it’ll significantly raise your chances to save your favorite device, not having to buy a new one.

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