Logistics Applications of iPads

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iPads and other tablet devices can be a strikingly useful addition to a logistics workflow in any company. Staff members who are responsible for deliveries or transportation of any sort will be able to keep their records up to date in a wireless and immediate fashion that can easily be synchronized with central computers via logistics applications.

Logistics Applications of iPads

Logistics Applications of iPads

The following are some creative ways that you could use a tablet device in a mobile logistics setting.

Electronic manuals and guides
One of the biggest problems with logistics is that there are often many technical procedures involved to different aspects of the job description and it can be difficult to remember for transport staff every detail necessary. They used to carry around piles of manuals in the vehicle, but by issuing iPads to your staff members, they can now carry the same material on an easily accessible and lightweight device instead. This can make it very easy to search and find for procedures that are not used that often and just to look up information that is needed frequently.

Import and export simplification
When products are imported and exported, there are often a range of taxes, customs and duties that must be paid. Tablet devices can be used by logistics staff to calculate the required numbers quickly and verify details for clients, the postal service, couriers or customs officials.

Barcode and QR code readers
iPads and other mobile computing devices are becoming quite competent barcode and QR code readers as well. This can be used to calculate pricing or shipping information in the field as well as for simplifying inventory and stock taking procedures. Barcodes and QR codes are often used to identify products as well as to update information in databases about them.

Quality control tasks
iPads and other tablet devices also make excellent tools that can be used in quality control on an assembly line. Products can be inspected and verified by managers on the assembly line itself or quality assessment agents can inspect and test items before they are shipped to distribution centers.

Remote payment
Now that it is extremely easy to connect mobile tablet devices to your accounting and payroll systems software through secure Internet connections, you can authorize and have your staff make payments on the go for more efficient distribution and deliveries. Every aspect of your chain of production can benefit from the remote payment process that can be set up on an iPad to speed up payment for necessary components in your products.

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