Nokia Belle Update for Nokia 500 Started to roll out

Nokia Belle Update for Nokia 500

Nokia Belle Update for Nokia 500

Nokia is always one step prior to their promise. As we already updated you with the Nokia 500 Belle Update delay details, the Nokia Belle Update was expected to arrive on the 15th of February 2012. But Nokia put smiles on lots of Nokia 500 users by rolling out the Nokia Belle Updates one day prior to their promised date.

We first observed this update on  Navifirm Tool which covers the Nokia Firmwares for every phone model.

The Official Rollout of Nokia Belle for Nokia 500 just started to begin. Currently, it’s available for regions such as Croatia, Poland, and Switzerland. It will be sooner available for all regions as the uploading work of Nokia Belle for various regions are going on currently. By today or tomorrow, the Nokia Belle update for Nokia 500 will be made available to the majority of the regions.

Do let us know about this update who already grabbed this update on their Nokia 500 device in the comments below.

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  • Hey! The files are now available on Navifirm for other regions too!

    I downloaded them. What next? Phoenix? How?
    Anyone else who downloaded and flashed Belle on 500?

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