Nokia to Hold an Event on August 28 reports that Nokia has posted the following image which reads “World Premier” and “August 28” on it.

Nokia Event on August 28
Nokia World Premier Event

Nokia Event on August 28

The event is to be held in Moscow, Russia, rumors are we will be seeing a Nokia Windows RT Tablet that leaked a few days ago. This rumored tab is said to be running on a Snapdragon 800 2.1GHz Quad Core processor, 10.1 inch Full HD display, 32GB internal memory along with USB and HDMI ports.

Nokia Event on August 28 launching nokia windows rt tablet big
Nokia RT Tablet (courtesy:

A detachable keyboard like that of the Microsoft Surface will also be included with the package which might also carry a battery pack. The hint from the above image is the lock screen pics for Windows Desktop also have a picture of piano in it.

Windows 8 PC settings
Lock Screen Pics for Windows 8

So now its a wait and watch game to see if we get some more leaks confirming the device. It is very interesting to see Nokia releasing a WinRT tablet considering that WinRT hasn’t been much successful in the market, with most of the OEMS doing a backtrack saying WinRT is of no use, partly due to lack of apps and partly due to OEM’s are able to fit a complete Win8 desktop OS in the same configuration. So either this device was planned really long ago or Nokia wants to try their luck or simply they could release a tab with a full Windows 8 rather than RT. Whatever it is we will certainly come to know in few days.

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