Nokia N8 Belle RC V2 Original 111.030.0609 Leaked by Taylor

Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Belle RC update

Great News for N8 users!

The Latest Belle OS has been unofficially released for Nokia N8. This Original leaked version of the latest Belle OS for Nokia N8 RM-596 is completely Untouched. All credits go to Mr. Taylor for this leak !!!
Screenshots will be updated soon !!!


  • Lang: English, Hungary, Czech, German, Polish, Slovak
  • Calibrated core
  • Installserver ROM hack integrated Rofs3
  • One new widget: Nokia offers-Store Apps
  • 100% bug-free ROM by Nokia! Fast and stable!
  • Great work by Nokia

Rom download

For more queries, support, and help regarding flashing this leaked Belle OS you can shout here.

The Official release of Nokia Belle (previously known as Symbian Belle) will be released in the first quarter of the year 2012.

Nokia Employee confirmed via twitter:

“Starting in February 2012, Nokia will release the all-new Nokia Belle software update to existing devices”

This official news has been published in Nokia Conversations too.

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