Saavn music app coming soon to Symbian

Saavn music

Saavn Music

Is this happened with you, that when you are traveling and some song comes to your mind, but unfortunately you do not find that song in your SD card? You may get it on Youtube, but as the video will be played simultaneously it would be slow as well as it will eat up lots of your MB.

A few days ago I was in a similar situation. I Googled one song and got its link also but that was a streaming link that uses adobe flash player for streaming. I searched for many websites and apps and finally, I found this piece of a gem called Saavn.

Saavn Music is a web application that lets you search and play any of the Bollywood/Tollywood songs. They recently released apps for Android and Apple Platform and thus life became easier for Music-maniacs like me.

But recently one of my Friend Smit Popat contacted the Saavn developer team regarding the Symbian release of saavn music application. And guess what, they are developing one for Symbian and Blackberry Platforms.

Message to Saavn Music by Smit Popat
Message from Saavn Music to Smit Popat

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