UniverCell Sync in Mumbai

UniverCell is one of the leading mobile retailer in India and been operational since many years as a trusted brand. They were the first such stores in India to bring the concept of “Touch and feel” before you buy the very same gadget you desired to purchase. This was then followed by Nokia with stores named “Nokia concept Store” back then. With such concept, users get to operate the gadget which they are looking forward to purchase and get the real feel and user experience before finalizing the purchase. They also allow purchase of mobile phones  both online and office via UniverCell e-Store and their one stop UniverCell Sync Stores across India.

UniverCell Sync has over 450 stores across India and planning to expand more by April 2015. UniverCell opened their 10th showroom of Mumbai near Regal cinema (Colaba) and we were invited for the same during the month of July, but unfortunately we could not make a visit under certain circumstances. This time we received another invite (from IndiBlogger Team) and we made sure to visit the store and experience the UniverCell Sync in Mumbai. So, here is our short review of the experience we had and a synopsis of the UniverCell Store.

UniverCell Sync in Mumbai

One Stop access for Tech enthusiasts

Be it a newly launched smartphone, tablet or a music accessory every tech enthusiast would definitely like to make a visit at the nearest UniverCell to experience their desired gadget to get the feel and experience all with a great ease access concept store. The store has categorized the sections for different genre of gadgets. They have categorized gadgets in segments like “UniverCell Recommends” , “Essential”, “portable”, “Accessories”, “Music” and lot more such sections where they have selective gadgets based on each categorical segments for ease of user experience at store. Customers get what they are looking for at first instance.

Use the phone at store

UniverCell Sync offers the customers not only to touch and feel the phones but also to operate the phone thoroughly before you decide on your choice and make your final opinion on your purchase. One would never have to simply purchase any gadget just with what the product is been advertised but with real feel and experience personally.

Meet the Expert

At UniverCell Sync, be it hardware or software related queries you always have a UniverCell Sync gadget expert to answer your queries with factual and technical data. They are best qualified to provide you the best choice for what kind of gadget you are looking for.

Offers and freebies

At UniverCell Sync, there is always some or the other offers and discounts going on with respect to certain brand and models of the gadget offering discounted price for the gadget you are looking for. Just make a point to ask for the current offers with the UniverCell Sync expert and they will guide you to the gadgets which are on discounts and offers. They also provide exchange offers for certain eligible gadgets.

Customer Priority

At UniverCell Sync, customer priority is more important. Once you purchase any gadgets from their store, if any issues arise after some period, UniverCell Sync will be always there at your service. They also provide backup phone if you don’t have any alternate phone to use while the phone which is having issues is been resolved by the manufacturer or the store as per the situation. UniverCell Sync always take care of the customer issues with priority and provides solution maximum within a week.

Our Verdict

We would definitely suggest our viewers to experience UniverCell Sync stores for yourself to experience the latest gadgets live at the store and take relevant info and suggestions from their expert professional team regarding the gadget selection for your needs and requirement. For their after sales service we are aware of, we would blindly suggest anyone to get a taste of them purchasing new gadgets from them because your concern is their concern always.

Let us know in comments if you ever been to UniverCell Sync store near your vicinity and also do let us know your experience at the store.

About the author 

Nitesh Kunnath

Nitesh Kunnath is a full time Web Developer, Digital Entrepreneur, Tech Blogger based in Mumbai, India. He writes and manages his Blog and community forum at GizmoLord.com.

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