Which Apple iPad Should I Buy?

Since the first announcement of the iPad in January 2010, millions of consumers worldwide have pledged their allegiance and become devotees of the tablet.

There are now several models making up the iPad range, and as a consumer looking for the best Apple iPad best deals, you might be wondering which the best one is. Of course, as is the case with many items of technology, there is seldom a best model and more likely a best fit. Therefore, in order to work out which is the best iPad for you, it is necessary to examine the choices.

There are currently three models of iPad available. The standard model is the iPad 2, then there is the iPad (4th Generation) and the iPad mini. As these all differ in terms of specifications and what they can offer to a consumer, it is necessary to investigate each one individually.

IPad 4th Generation

iPad 4

Offering a highly detailed retina display screen, connectivity to 4G mobile internet and a brand new processor, this is the latest offering and is considered to be the most high tech on the market, with Apple making a large number of claims as to its’ abilities and appeal.

The iPad 2

Of all of the three models available, the iPad 2 is the cheaper option, and for many customers looking for Apple iPad best deals, it is often the cheaper option which wins the day. However, with an older (and implied slower) processor, a much maligned battery life and of course the fact that this is the older model, many customers see the difference between price and ease of use as a wide gap.

iPad Mini

With a seven inch screen, a much improved battery life and lightning speed, the iPad mini is the on-the-go option which Apple market on the basis of its’ portability. However, with only the 4th generation model having the latest processor and Retina display screen, many customers decide that newer, not to mention bigger is better.

The finer details

Of course, each machine has different capabilities and specifications, just as is the case with the tablet range from other manufacturers. However, outside of the actual capabilities of each machine is the consumer’s decision as to which is the best model for them and their needs.

When looking for Apple iPad best deals, it is essential to consider your own needs and requirements as of course these vary dramatically from person to person. whilst the person looking for a portable, handheld machine which is light enough and small enough to fit into a handbag or jacket pocket, the 7 inch screen of the iPad mini. The mini can of course perform all of the same tasks as his big brothers but for the person looking for a screen they can type on or watch videos on, then a larger screen may be a better fit.

Aside from the size, the biggest difference for many people is the speed with which each model can work, and how they work. For the person on the go, the machine with wifi ability may be the better choice, however a person who needs flawless connectivity in one place is much more likely to benefit from the 4th Generation 4G connectivity.

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