Windows 8 – The Consumer Preview

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It seems we have another piece of interesting info about Windows 8.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

It seems that Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be launched tomorrow at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, in Spain. Yes, that’s right. The much-anticipated Beta pre-release version is coming to us, really soon. To be precise, it’ll come tomorrow, at around 7:30 PM (IST).

Microsoft has arranged an invite-only event for it’s launch ceremony of the beta. The invitation sent out to the lucky ones, is below.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Another thing, which we noticed, is that the Bing, Windows 8 Start Page with the betta fish on it, is live, once again! It clearly mentions Windows 8 Consumer Preview, bu the links, leads to the Developer Preview page. We can expect it to go live anytime tomorrow.

For the technical guys, we have an interesting piece of info: The final beta build, which will be released as Windows 8 Consumer Preview, is Windows 6.2 (Build 8250.0.winmain_win8beta.120217-15). We still have the minutes missing, but never mind. It also seems that Microsoft has started working on the Release Candidate (Also called Enterprise Preview) builds even before the launch of the Consumer Preview. Of course, we do have the latest Windows 8 build too, which is 8288.0.winmain.120223-1751. Windows 8 CP has already been uploaded to the Microsoft Server. What we lack is the link.

Also, the Windows Live and Zune services will be rebranded as:

  • Windows Live Mail – now only ‘Mail’
  • Windows Live ID – Microsoft Account
  • Windows Live Calendar – Calender
  • Windows Live Contacts  – People
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery – Photos
  • Zune Music Player – Music
  • Zune Video Player – Video


I really don’t wanna’ tease you guys, but don’t expect me to post download links before tomorrow! Stay tuned. Download links and ISOs on their way!

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    • Show desktop button is hidden in nature and even the start menu….when you hover your mouse to it, it will show….. This is what I got to know right now.. I maybe wrong here.

      • u think the link with download will be able before or after the main event from barcelona? i stay with a blank dvd in dvd-rw unit and with nero prepared to burn it :).

        • Actually it is out for Microsoft Employees and we got a glimpse of it. It will be officially out for consumers from tomorrow as per the reports.

          Check out the screenshot here:

          • If the employees got it should be uploaded in any moments on torrents or smth :) , vive la torrents ,death to ACTA!!!
            Btw ,how u get these infos? :) i am knew here on this blog/site or w/e is.

          • It is because of our fellow friends who is working for Microsoft :)

            They have the access to those files but cant publish it anywhere on internet. Anyways it will be out to consumers tomorrow…So, why not wait for it ? :P

          • Now that you’ve taken some interest in this, I’ll tell you the true story. MS Employees have *each and every* Windows 8 build. They still don’t leak due to the lame NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) of Microsoft.. They are liable to legal action and termination of employment for leaking anything.
            About the information, Yes, as Die2mrw007 said, we’ve got some connections there. Unfortunately, nothing more can be disclosed (at the moment). And, the NDA will expire soon after Windows 8 RTMs, we’ll talk then. :)

    • Yeah!
      Actually a reaaaallly BIG difference is there.
      Developer Preview was a Community Technical Preview (Pre-Beta)
      Consumer Preview is the beta and is much better than the Developer Preview.

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