So, how many of you have noticed the slight changes made by YouTube and Dailymotion to their video pages? Now you can know which video is playing and which video is paused by seeing the play Unicode icon (►) across the favicons of YouTube and Dailymotion.

YouTube and Dailymotion adds Play Favicons

YouTube and Dailymotion Adds Play Favicon

Check out the below images, in first tab the favicon is normal which is the YouTube and Dailymotion home pages respectively. Now look at the third tabs, there you can find Unicode play symbols (►) across the favicon of both YouTube and Dailymotion. This means videos are playing on those tabs. Now check the second tabs that are the video pages of YouTube and Dailymotion respectively, where the videos are either paused or finished their playback, so there is no symbols along the favicon.

Youtube new Play Favicon
Youtube new Play Favicon
Dailymotion new Play Favicon
Dailymotion new Play Favicon

Although it is a very small improvement done by these two leading social video sharing website but it is very helpful. When you are browsing through so many videos opened in different tabs you can easily point which video is playing and which is not.

You can’t view more than one video at a time, in this case you can know which tabs are playing videos at the same time and you can pause the video which you wish to watch later and watch the video which you want to watch at that instant with out any noisy interruption.

So have you noticed this change while watching your favorite videos on Youtube and Dailymotion? How useful the ‘Play Favicon’ is to you when watching videos on Youtube and Dailymotion? Do let us know your views about this newly launched feature by Youtube and Dailymotion in the comments section below.

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