5 features of iPad 3

Many rumors are been carried about iPad 3, in other words we are not here to merry-go-round about what people are saying. On a neutral ground it a natural thing for rumors to be carried out for without that rumor people won’t know or differentiate good from bad. I could remember those days in my secondary life when my teacher will say that without you been gossip about you won’t be popular. Let leave the aspect of rumor and go into what we are here for iPad 3 has some stuff that makes it differ from the iPad 2 and 1, which will be mention bellow.

Features of iPad 3

features of ipad3

The 4G connection

Connection is one of the major problems that people are facing today, I will take myself as a good example; there are many work that are to be done but connection disturbs. The 4G is a good connection that will satisfy your needs it is fast and nice. Faster connection is one of the best features of the iPad 3, and not only the iPad 3 but the whole apple iPad product they are great and nice. Faster connection is the first thing I think people are going after before getting any devices now.

Good speaker

Apple has made most of their products to have a quality sounds. IPad 2 has a good and quality speaker which make it grow above a lot of mobile phones, but that not enough. IPad 3 is far, far better than the IPad 2. These sounds will make you fill comfortable with your IPad 3 and other apple mobile accessories, like giving you a lovely sound while playing your videos, playing your music and playing your games.

Good camera

I did not have much to say about the IPad 3 but I know that with the little I have for you, you will learn more about the camera pixel. IPad 3 is a Smartphone that has a good mage pixel that makes every view that is been taken clear. You will enjoy your IPad 3 with the good camera. You can take video of any event that takes place anywhere.


The IPad 3’s battery last longer, which last long for 10hrs upon all the whole attractive packages that are on it but still it still last longer than some laptops. In other words this is incredibly impressive. Apple did not do that for IPad 3 alone but some of their other phones.

Clear display

The IPad display is far, far better than other IPads Smartphone’s this is one of it best feature which make it better than the other IPad. Apple showed a great and fantastic improvement in the display of the IPad. The display of IPad 3 has made me known that apple has improved a lot in their Smartphone product. IPad 3’s displacement is even up to that of some laptops.


I have to assure that after reading this article that is talking about the features of iPad 3 you will be glad to get your own iPad. The iPad 3 tablet is really intelligent and smart.

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