How to Cool Down Your Mac Computer and Make It Run Fast

How to Cool Down Your Mac Computer?

Mac computers are used by professionals around the world, and these computers have quickly become some of the most popular computers for those that want to do graphic design, web design, and other professional tasks on them. Most gamers will stick with PCs, but there are many games that can be played on Mac as well as on PC. If you use a Mac for either professional or personal use, it’s important that you know how to care for it. Two of the problems that many Mac users experience are a computer that is overheating and a slow computer.

Cool Down Your Mac Computer

How to Cool Down Your Mac Computer and Make It Run Fast

Dealing with an Overheating Computer

If you find that your computer is regularly overheating, it’s important that you do what you can to stop it from getting too hot. The games that you play will pull a lot on your computer, and they will often cause your computer to overheat very quickly. You will find that many of the programs that you use that are RAM intense like Photoshop or video editing software will also pull a lot on your computer’s resources, which can will also cause it to overheat.

It’s important that you avoid using too many of these programs at the same time, as that will pull a lot on your computer’s capabilities and cause it to overheat. Also, try and cut back on the amount of time that you spend on gaming and other computer-intense tasks, which will give your Mac a chance to cool down. If your computer is overheating too much, it may be a good time to shut it down for a few hours.

There is a program that you can download for your Mac computer called SMC Fan Control, and this program will allow you to determine the heat level of your computer. You will be able to choose the speed of your computer’s fans, which will help you to keep your computer running at less than 100 degrees F. You want to find a setting that will keep the fans running at the right speed to cool down your computer, but not so fast that they will also heat up your computer.

Speeding Up Your Mac

One thing that can cause your computer to be running very slowly will be a packed hard drive, as a very full hard drive will not leave memory free for other tasks. You should take the time to clean up your hard disk, and you should empty your Recycle Bin, delete programs that you don’t use, get rid of files that you have multiple copies of, and get rid of games and movies that you aren’t using. You will find that cleaning your hard drive and freeing up space can actually help the computer to run a lot faster, especially if your hard drive is very nearly full.

You can download a number of programs that you can install on your Mac to help you clean up your computer, which will ensure that you don’t need to go through everything one at a time to delete useless stuff. These programs will make it easier for you to clean your computer, and you will be able to get it running at better speeds.

If your Mac is still running slow, you may want to consider upgrading the RAM in the computer, as well as the CPU. The average Mac has good RAM and CPU, but it may not be enough if you use a lot of programs that use a lot of RAM. Upgrading will be costly, but it can help to speed things up nicely.

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