8 Best Logo Making Software for Creating Professional Logos

A professional and high quality logo represents your entire blog/website or business. You might have seen every businesses and websites have their unique logos which are their symbols of identity in other words the logos represent their brands.

Making a professional logo on our own was not an easy task before. But now a days there are some free and paid tools which are working like a charm for creating professional high quality logos for your websites in minutes.

Logo Making Software

Now, making a professional logo became so easy with these logo making software with their easy drag and drop interfaces. Check out the eight best logo making software, that will help you to create high quality, beautiful and professional looking logos for your websites and businesses in no time.

8 Best Logo Making Software

Online Logo Maker

Online logo Maker Logo Making Software
  • A lightweight, functional and clean interface.
  • More than a 1 000 symbols of various categories to choose from.
  • The right tools to rotate, resize and transform your logo.
  • Logo ready fonts selected by professional designers.
  • More than a 100 000 logos developed by users worldwide!
  • Completely Free Online Logo Maker and download the software free.
  • Visit Online Logo Maker and start designing for free.

AAA Logo

AAA Logo Making Software
  • Create high resolution website graphics, logos, buttons and banners.
  • 50+ free templates (Technology, Finance, General Business, Education templates etc.) ready to use.
  • Logo creation is too simple, choose a template design. Then edit elements of the logo in that template to create a beautiful logo in minutes.
  • You can also make logo with out using the templates by using the various logo elements in this logo making software package and your creativity.
  • You can export the logo in various formats like PNG, JPG, JPEG etc using this logo software for pc.
  • Download Demo | Buy Full Version

Logosmartz Logo Making Software

Logosmartz Logo Making Software
  • Very useful for people who don’t have any experience in logo creation.
  • Comes with lots of examples logos of different categories.
  • Best logo design software for beginners.
  • A collection clip arts are available, by using them you can design a great logo.
  • The interface of this logo making software works in a layered manner, so you can always go back and edit your logo in any layer when it needed.
  • The only problem with this software package is, it is made of flash and professionals will find some tool missing in it.
  • Download Logosmartz Logo Making Software

Logo Design Pro Vector Edition

Logo Design Studio Pro Logo Making Software
  • This is one of the finest logo making software having 2000 pre-built logo template.
  • Its vector design tool allows you to scale the logo to any size with out loosing its quality like, clarity, sharpness.
  • The package includes 2000+ templates and 6000+ logo objects too.
  • It also contains – slogans and taglines, shape drawing tool, advanced color control, professional fonts.
  • You can find video tutorials about logo creation with this logo making software.
  • Export your created logo in many formats -JPEG, PNG, SVG, BMP etc.
  • Download Demo | Buy Full Version

EximiousSoft Logo Designer

Eximioussoft Logo Designer Pro Logo Making Software
  • This helps in creating any shape graphic by using vector drawing tools.
  • The package includes 200+ logo templates and 2000+ symbols and other pre-designed gradient styles.
  • You can apply various effects like 3D effects, shadows, reflection, glow etc. to your logo texts and objects.
  • Export your logo in various formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSD, ICO, BMP, PCX and more.
  • Download Demo Buy Full Version

Free Logo Maker

Free Logo Maker Logo Making Software
  • This is an online logo making software tool which provides both free and paid logo creation services.
  • This is an easy to use online tool, choose an icon, use designer tools to edit and customize your logo and then get your logo.
  • Download logos for free to use on your websites or purchase high quality logo to place them on your business cards.
  • Choose an icon from a library of 10,000+ icons, add text to it, change its height and width, apply your favorite fonts and colors to it.
  • Best logo design software free download
  • Create Logo: logo maker

The Logo Creator

Laughing Bird Software Logo Making Software
  • This is an easy to use logo making software and best for beginners.
  • Choose a logo templates from a collection of 80+ pre-built templates to make a professional looking logo.
  • This package also includes 15+ logo objects to provide attractive and professional look to your logo.
  • Export your logo in formats like – GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.
  • The disadvantage of this logo making software is its time consuming download and installation.
  • Buy The Logo Creator


  • This is an online logo making software for making high quality logos.
  • You can access over 20,000 professional design to create and personalize your logo.
  • The online software has a very easy DIY interface. First choose an icon, customize it using easy online tools.
  • Then preview the logo and get the logo at $0.99
  • The disadvantage of this service is this is a paid service, you can’t even have a demo version. But with a little price you can get a great professional looking logo.
  • Create Logo: logoyes

I found the above online and offline logo making tools are very useful so far. You can create logos, photo quotes, banners for your business and for your other projects. The drag and drop interfaces of these tools makes logo making very easy. But, still If you need any help in how to use any of these logo making tools above, then drop a comment, I’ll be glad to help.

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