4 Strategies to Extract Maximum Traffic from Reddit

There are hundred of popular social networking and bookmarking websites around the web helping web masters to gain traffic for their blogs and websites. Like Tumblr, Pinterest, Delicious, Reddit is also a popular social bookmarking website which can help you to get a pretty good traffic for your blogs/websites if you correctly handle it.

4 Strategies to Extract Maximum Traffic from Reddit

In 2011 Reddit revealed that they served 2.07 billion page views. It is very huge right? So, now you can think that how important Reddit is for take up your blog/website traffic level. Now, you just have to figure out about all the right ways to gain massive traffic from this rapidly growing online community.

Reddit is one of the powerful social site, that can offer you massive traffic through your texts and links you submit there. Your submissions don’t necessarily have to appear on the front page to gain a big traffic. If you make it appear on the front page of subreddit then you can easily get approximately 30,000 readers for your blog. Here are my four tips about getting maximum traffic from Reddit, follow them to boost your blog/website traffic with Reddit.

Write Catchy Titles For Your Submissions

You know that a catchy title can easily gain people’s attentions. Creativity and word decorations to your titles are the highlight here. You can write a long title but you have to make sure that the title is holding on the point of your post in your blog. One of the most effective way for writing a great title is asking question with the title.

If you are asking a question with your title in an effective way then people are more likely to click on that and give their opinion about your question. Don’t always try to present something, try to make people involve with your submissions on Reddit. You can publish an opinion post in your blog and submit that to Reddit with an effective questioning title to gain attentions of more people.

Choose Appropriate Subreddit

Subreddits play an important part in your content submissions. While you are submitting any content to Reddit first must check the most relevant subreddit to your content. Don’t post your contents in subreddits that are not matching to your contents. For example, when people are browsing the posts under Windows subreddit and find a post about Android there, then they can easily ignore that post, because Windows is their interest not Android.

Always choose a subreddit which is relevant to your contents and have a pretty good amount of subscribers. Sometimes your contents match to a niche subreddit with less numbers of subscribers but that is okay, you can easily earn the top spot submitting on that subreddit and you can easily get thousands of visitors to your blogs. For example if you make it to the top spot in /r/Wordpress subreddit you are still exposing your Reddit with 3500+  Blogger subreddit subscribers.

Correct Timing

It is very important to know when to submit your contents to Reddit to gain maximum exposures. You can  find most of the visitors from Reddit if you submitted your contents before 5.30 PM EST. There is more about this timing thing about submitting your contents on Reddit. If you are getting 50 up-votes within one hour after submission then this will rank high higher than a content that got 30 up-votes in 5 or 6 hours.

Don’t post controversial contents on Reddit because there may be a chance of getting down-votes for your content. And, remember that if your post have many down votes then that will rank below the posts having only up-votes. So always try to submit contents to Reddit at correct time when most of the people are active there.

Ask Your Friends For Up-Votes

4 Strategies to Extract Maximum Traffic from Reddit

You know about the magic of up-votes in Reddit right. The more up-votes your content gets the more high it will go in ranking. Remember that the contents that gets quick up-votes gets high rank than the contents that gets late up-votes. You can ask your friends to make some quick up-votes to your content and in return you up-vote their contents. Don’t ask to unknown people to up-vote and don’t irritate people even if you know them by saying repeatedly up-vote your contents, it is harmful for your Reddit contents (LOL). All you have to do is politely ask your friends to up-vote your reddits.

I know that many new blogger who are not aware of the traffic delivering power of the Reddit thinks it is not worth using. But it is not true. Reddit helped me gain so many visitors for my blog and I bet you can get too. You just have to know about the correct timing, correct niche and an effective way to present your posts on Reddit. I hope my tips above will help you to get a good traffic from Reddit.

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Anil Mahapatra

  • Reddit is mostly crowded at times, so some up-votes from those “Friends” may not be bad at all.
    Can’t say about “Rigging” though.

    • I wrote about asking, if they up-vote or not that their decisions. I didn’t mean to continuously ask someone to up-vote, that would be annoying.

      • You could ask them to simply have a look, instead of asking them to ‘upvote’ it if they found it useful. Asking for up-votes still works kind of like an instigator.

        • Well, asking your friends to up-vote is not rigging. As, I told you before you can tell them to up-vote and it is their decision whether they are up-voting your post or not.

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