Freeware for Small Businesses: 5 Options you should amicably Implement

Freeware is software that is available at no cost to the user. The misconception about freeware is that it causes problems with your computer and has little to no support. The truth is that the more reputable freeware is rich with features, very stable, has an online support presence and can save your small business money.


Evernote - Freeware

Tablets for personal use are just as much a part of your computing world as your office server. When you download a free app, you are using freeware. As a business professional, you get ideas and see inspiration all around you. Evernote allows you to make notes on the things you see and keep track of all of your ideas. You can then access that information from any computing device you own. This product will allow you to cash in on ideas that may have been lost in the past and leave important notes to yourself to pay bills and avoid a late fee.


kompozer - Freeware

Are you one of those small business owners that saves money by maintaining your own website? If you do, then you are probably paying money for a product like Dreamweaver to update and alter your pages. KompoZer is a freeware webpage editor that has almost all of the same features as Dreamworks but it is free.

Aquarius Database

Every so often you make a freeware find that you feel like sharing with your entrepreneur friends. Aquarius Database is a simple and free database program, but it contains everything a small business owner would ever need to run a business. It offers client management features, it allows you to track sales and you can also use it to create customizable reports as well. Aquarius can create and print receipts, invoices, mailing labels and letters using a template that you can create.


Open Office - Freeware

Small businesses are constantly using software programs such as word processors, spreadsheets and presentation software. OpenOffice is one of the most widely used freeware suites of office productivity programs and it is extremely compatible with the pay versions by larger developers. OpenOffice has been around for several years and there are updates being offered for the program on a regular basis. Using OpenOffice will save you hundreds of dollars on buying productivity software.

Free PDF to Word Converter

Free PDF to Word Converter - Freeware

More and more businesses are using PDF files to send important documents such as invoices, contracts and purchase orders. If you do business with people that use PDF files and you do not have the Free PDF to Word Converter, then you are printing documents out, altering them by hand, scanning them back into your computer and then emailing them. This piece of freeware will save you time and money on your PDF document needs.

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Small businesses are always looking for ways to cut operating costs. Utilizing freeware is a legal way to reduce the money you spend on necessary software programs.

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