GizmoLord Celebrate its 1st Birth Anniversary with 12,000+ members

GizmoLord Celebrate its 1st Birth Anniversary

It all started with a passion to help people gain as much info as possible about Technology. Gizmolord is purely a community concerned with technology and the main aim is to serve people get the maximum out of Technology. We do believe GizmoLord as people’s website and not administrator’s website – Its the people working behind and after GizmoLord who made it possible for GizmoLord to rise up high on its own standards.

Birth Anniversary

GizmoLord Birth Anniversary

GizmoLord today completes a successful year of its establishment with kind followers and support from all over the world. Started with free hosting a year ago on this same day, we eventually moved to paid quality hosting from MDD Hosting a month after the establishment and that’s what turned to be a turning point for GizmoLord. With dedicated members, supporters, friends, followers, and the viewers, GizmoLord today is at its new height and benchmark. Today we mark our 1st birth anniversary and we are celebrating.

The Best Co-Administrator

GizmoLord wouldn’t have existed if there wouldn’t exist someone named Deepak Kumar aka Aryacooldude. He is the person behind all the motivation towards starting GizmoLord. His valuable donation to GizmoLord in terms of money and kind can never be forgotten over lifetime. He is a great follower of “Google” and the best supporter for an administrator. He is the best co-administrator I could ever get. I really owe to him for his extreme support, ideas, motivation, dedication and much more.

GizmoLord – The Name

Ever wondered from where the name existed? Its all about hunting a good domain to start with our community and when we were lost with words, it was Harikrishna Nair (Admistrator at who suggested with the name GizmoLord. The name ‘GizmoLord’ has achieved its purpose over this long journey.

GizmoLord get its Official Logo

We are grateful to our Super Moderator at forum, Mr. Adrian Fernandes aka Tristar for making an unique exclusive logo design for GizmoLord. A generous guy, excellent at graphic designing and the ability as a true leadership is what makes GizmoLord proud of Mr. Adrian Fernandes. We indeed are blessed to have a strong Staff Team working for GizmoLord.

Eye catching banner at Forum

The most elegant, sharp, eye-catching banner at GizmoLord Forum is a special eye candy feature of forum. The complete credit goes to Mr. Raunaq Patel for blending it so perfect to match with the forum design and layout. He is one such finest graphic designer GizmoLord ever could get.

Team Phoenix – A new turnaround

Team Phoenix with their exclusive Belle Shell Homescreen for Symbian^1 (s60v5) made GizmoLord blossom to its shine! A complete dedication, genuine talent, and a lot of team hardwork is what makes Team Phoenix something special and unique.

Our Strength – Our Staff Team

GizmoLord Staff Team is one of the finest, strongest, and most dedicated team any community could love to have. Dedicated, sincere, kind, helpful is something unique with GizmoLord Staff members.

Hoping to serve Better over coming years

We are always onto making GizmoLord a pleasant stay to all our members and viewers. Better facilities, better ideas and better ideologies will be over the top priority for GizmoLord in its long run.

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