Take 3 for Windows Phone – GDR3 Made Official

GDR3 made official

Microsoft has just given a green signal to their GDR3 update. GDR3 is the third “Service Pack” update for Windows Phone, consisting of many under the hood changes as well as some popular user requested features over Windows Phone User Voice.

Many people have still not received their GDR2/Amber update yet, especially those on the AT&T network and here we are already touching down on GDR3, Microsoft has said that the Update will roll out in the coming weeks but will depend upon your market, carriers and model of the phone. Nokia will be making their own additions to GDR3 and will be naming it preferably BitterSweet Shimmer, the same they did previously with GDR2 and naming it to Amber and if I am not mistaken will be seeing it in Nokia World event on 22nd Oct in Abu Dhabi along with some new devices

Take 3 for Windows Phone – GDR3 Made Official

Below we will glance some features included in the GDR3 Update. Please note these are only GDR3 features from Microsoft. BitterSweet Shimmer features are still unknown.

Support for bigger, higher-resolution screens

As the world is going screen crazy, with bigger is better moto and HD phablets running into wild, it makes sense to support them as the public demands it. With bigger screen, higher resolution HD screen will mean more space for more tiles, and more tile sizes.

More powerful hardware

It’s all about the new things, with GDR3 Windows Phone will finally see the support for Snapdragon 800 Quad Core processors giving the platform a boost of raw power.

Driving Mode

Safety first, GDR3 will introduce new driving mode with the Bluetooth device connectivity, limited lock screen notifications, and even auto reply to calls and texts.

New accessibility features

This update will also include some helpful features for blind or visually impaired people making them easier to use their phone by reading out the screen and making it easy for them to send text, make calls, use the web and so on.

Improved Internet Sharing

Now you will be able to pair your device via Bluetooth and start to share the internet sharing without any digging for passwords and setting. Clean and simple

More useful ringtones

Brought on the popular demand, now you will be able to assign custom ringtone from your media library to your ringtones, messages, emails and even contacts.

No more twist and shout

Universal Rotation Lock, need we say more?

Better storage management

That pesky other storage bug bugging you, GDR3 might have the answer for that.

Easily close apps

Want to close apps from the app drawer? With GDR3, you can.

Wi-Fi access out of the box

When you reset your phone or buy a new one, you will get the option to connect to WiFi right at the start so that your settings and backup is downloaded using the WiFi saving your precious data connectivity MB’s.

Better Bluetooth

More Bluetooth options to support more Bluetooth accessories.

How to Install GDR3 on Windows Phone 8

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