The Power of Nokia Lumia 1020 at Nokia World Event 2013

The Nokia World Event 2013 is just around the corner in Abu Dhabi and Nokia it seems is not leaving any chance with the advertising, Nokia posted the following video on the YouTube channel, showing some stunts performed by the skydivers in Dubai.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

These skydivers are carrying a box labelled “Nothing else comes close” in the bright yellow colour, the same is then seen unfurled as a big banner by one of the skydivers. The box is then delivered to some cool looking bikers which further deliver the box to the Nokia World Event 2013 venue. The contents of the box are shown at the end which contains the same bright yellow coloured Nokia Lumia 1020 which we kind of a guessed from the banner. The video ends with a mystery man rolling up his car window and written to be continued at the bottom, which could mean the might be another follow up video.

While this is an amazing video of Dubai with the stunning Palm Resort and the Burj Khalifa and other breath taking skyscrapers, what more awe inspiring is that, the entire video has been shot on Nokia Lumia 1020. Yes, no professional cameras, just a smartphone that captured this. This very video makes us more excited about the upcoming event.

Though nothing has been confirmed what exactly Nokia is planning for the event, but the leaks suggest that there will some around 6 new devices that will unveiled which may include a Nokia 1520 phablet and a Nokia 2520 WinRT tablet which also might contain the option for cellular data connectivity.

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