Top 5 iPhone 4 Use Tips

So, finally you have bought your new iPhone 4S and you would like to run some search over its functionality. As iPhone is an expensive gadget, we recommend buying one of the best iPhone 4s covers as well for its protection and safety. Have you ever wondered that the manual with the new device does not provide you with any tips and tricks on how to use the device to its full potential? This is because, it is a surprisingly complex gadget due to its functionality and you have to find out for yourself what your new partner can do for you.

iPhone 4 Use Tips

Top 5 iPhone 4 Use Tips

Sometimes when you are using the camera of your iPhone 4, you want to make sure the pictures you take come out with low or no distortion. Similar is the case that the flash light is on and does not distort the pixels as well. For the use of the camera for no noise pictures, and quality output you need to follow some rules/tips and tricks as well.

iPhone4 Use Tips

1) First, let me tell you about the usage of the camera in the iPhone 4. Just plug in the headphones first. Put the iPhone in a comfortable, stable position somewhere to be ready to take your next picture session. After that, you can set up the camera, set the settings and all. Use the headphones button to click and take the photo. Yes, it works with the camera and you do not have to worry then about your hands being jerky while taking a picture, or holding your breath so the iPhone does not move while taking pictures.

2) The iPhone is touch possessive, and is sensitive to rotation as well. If you are lying on your couch and reading a book on Safari, and the iPhone keeps changing from landscape to portrait, then you can easily turn on the portrait lock. Double tap the home screen button and then you will see all the opened apps and software. Swipe right and you will see the screen settings button. There you can click on the portrait lock.

3) Double tap on the screen while your 5 MP camera is turned on. You will see that white block focused on an object it is focusing on. Double tap it for the zoom and then you will be able to zoom in on the object that you need to take the picture of. It will only zoom on it.

4) Killing a running app is not very difficult at all. You just need to tap the home screen button twice. This will enable an app bar at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone, you will see all the running apps that you can close by holding on any one of these apps. The minus sign appearing on every app is the key to killing an app.

5) Turning the caps lock on the keypad of the iPhone is easy. I bet you did not know about it. Double tap the shift button on the keypad. It will turn blue. This means the caps lock is now turned on. Turn it off by double tapping on it again.

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