Tweetian v1.2.3 – Symbian Twitter Client gets a Major Update.

Tweetian is the only Twitter client for Symbian belle devices with Swipe UI and rich MeeGo like graphics, the Client is developed by Dickson using QT/QML.

Tweetian app – A twitter client application for Nokia

The new update v1.2.3 brings several performance and ui enhancements , and a major Bug is fixed for Symbian belle Feature Pack 1 devices. The applocation already has all basic Twitter functions such as Retweet , Follow , Search , Trends , Photo upload.

Nokia-701 running Tweetian-A Twitter client
Nokia-701 running Tweetian app

However the additional features such as “TweetLonger” (you can tweet more than 140 characters) and “Translate Tweets” make this client unique. In my view its the best Twitter client for symbian belle devices which is most user friendly and Eye-candy. And guess what, the app is free at Nokia store.

Official Tweetian update change-log

  • Fixed the back button become disable after clicking into a tweet in Belle FP1
  • Fixed non-Latin characters becomes question marks (?) when uploading image with Twitter
  • It will now remember the last image upload service that you used
  • Fixed the tweets become stacking and overlaying each other (Let me know if still exists)
  • Enabled predictive text when writing new tweet
  • Huge improvement to maps:
  • You can panning around the map
  • Pitch to zoom in or zoom out
  • Added a “location mark” to indicate the tweet location
  • Added a slider to zoom if you don’t like pitch zooming
  • Able to open location with Nokia Maps app
  • When choosing image to upload, you can preview that image using native gallery app.

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