Windows 8 RTM build 9200 China leak appeared to be Fake

Windows 8 RTM build 9200 which is released for Other Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) has been leaked and available for download. We recently grabbed the download copies and are about to test the release. We are glad to announce the download copies to our readers. We cannot guarantee that the ISO is genuine or not.  But all this mysteries will be solved once we test this release within some hours. So stay tuned with us for the update on this leak.

Windows8 RTM build 9200-Gizmolord
Windows8 RTM build 9200

We will provide a detailed explanation once we successfully install the copy and test its genuineness along with screenshot.

Edit: Okay, We have gone through the ISO and it appears to be the Consumer Preview renamed to 9200 build. We have already cautioned the readers that the release might be a fake one well in advance in this article.

We expect the genuine leak from a genuine source really sooner and we will be providing with the ISO link very sooner after we test the build and confirm its genuineness. So stay tuned for the updates :)

Let us know what you think about this leak in the comments section below. We wish to hear from you.

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  • If you read the post, we never said its a genuine ISO and we were testing the release. We downloaded it ourself and tried the release where we find the ISO to be Consumer Preview and henceforth updated the article with the findings.
    I request you to first read the whole article before simply downloading and wasting time. We clearly mentioned that the ISO might be a fake one and we will be updating the results after testing.

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