Fake BBM for Android Apps Flooding Play Store

Fake BBM for Android Apps Flooding Play Store

Big bunch of BBM Fake apps have flooded the playstore. Merely searching for “BBM” on Google Play store gets you this following results :

Fake BBM for Android Apps Flooding Play Store

Fake BBM in Playstore

The names of this apps read : BBM for android, BBM messenger android, BBM messenger center, BBM messenger Free, BES10 client, Workspace Manager for BES10 and what not! ¬†enough to confuse a newbie searching for the actual messenger. Also there are some guides and ‘how to use BBM’ apps which are merely of no use. Every effort has been made to look this fake applications legit.

This isn’t the first time that play store is dumped with fake apps. This practice has been already followed earlier many a times. Some of these apps also doesn’t even follow Google policies as they claim that the app is official from Blackberry.

Downloads of such fake apps gets you nothing. Some are total junk while others have some malicious coding in them that steal user’s data. All are sources of some or the other advertisements. This creates a great chaos as the Official BBM app has not yet been announced by Blackberry ¬†and the one unaware of it falls prey to such fake crap!

The excitement about BBM for android is on its peak as we witnessed there where over 1.1 billion downloads in merely 8 hours of the Leaked BBM( that happened to work fine as we checked). This huge number happen to overload Blackberry servers which made them to postpone the official release.

Hence it is advised not to download unless it is made officially released from Blackberry, Well you might think, “Then what about all that crap that lies in play store?” – Flag them as inappropriate and review it as ‘ Fake ‘ which will prevent other users from falling prey to them.

And Lastly , Stay Tuned For Official BBM for Android!

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