HTC One X Versus HTC 8X

HTC moved away from Android when they announced their flagship Smartphone for 2012-13, the 8X. This new handset will instead run on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. It is also touted as the signature Smartphone for the new WP8 platform. Let us see how it matches up to their bestseller, the One X. Aesthetically, the 8 X pips the One X, albeit by just a couple of points. The 8 X is available in bolder colors like red, blue and yellow, compared to the black white and grey that the One X comes in.

HTC One X Versus HTC 8X

HTC One X Versus HTC 8X
HTC One X Versus HTC 8X


While both phones share the same resolution of 720×1280 pixels and S-LCD 2 capacitive multi-touch display with scratch proof glass, the One X is larger with a 4.7 inch display. This also means that the 4.3 inch 8X packs 342 pixels per inch and has more clarity than its predecessor. So here it really depends on whether you want a bigger display or a crisper one. I personally prefer the bigger screen.


The One X is powered by the 1.5 GHz, quad core Tegra3 chip from NVIDIA, while the 8 X runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core chip with the same speed. The 8 X has a 1700 mAh battery. The One X is a proven multi-tasker which handles graphics and gaming very efficiently. The 8 X is energy efficient and saves battery life. The Snapdragon is also considered to provide a superior web experience.


Both phones have a RAM of 1024 MB, but at 32 GB, the 8 X has double the storage capacity of the One X.


Both phones have an 8 MP shooter, BSI sensors, 28 mm lens, LED flash, 1080p video recording, and a dedicated imaging chip. The front camera of the 8X is a better one at 2.1 MP and 1080p video capability  and wide angled lens, as compared to the 1.3 MP, 720p video capability on the One X camera. You also are likely to have a better Skype experience on the 8 X, thanks to the seamless integration, now that Microsoft has acquired Skype. So if you make video calls frequently or often video chat with your friends on Skype, then you will love the new 8 X.


The new handset will feature the Beats Audio app, giving users greater detail and more layers to their audio tracks, games and videos. Of course, the One X already has this.

The One X is an already proven gaming device, even being certified by Sony as a Playstation device. The 8 X may be more suited for Xbox fans who have dozens of arcade titles in their gallery.

The Verdict

HTC’s popular features are almost all available on the 8 X; with the added excitement of the Windows Phone 8’s vibrant Metro interface, the 8 X is definitely a Smartphone to watch out for. It’s bolder, more stylish and way more colorful. If you’re bored with Ice Cream Sandwich, it may be time to move to the HTC 8 X. But if you’re a diehard Android fan then the One X will be the one for you.

The HTC 8 X has just been released. How will it do in the market, now depends on how well consumers receive Windows Phone 8. We will know soon enough if the 8X outsells the One X or not.

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