Microsoft isn’t resting after launching Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

We again have some information about Windows 8. It seems Microsoft still does not want to rest. We know, that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (right) was the first build of Windows 8 available publicly meant for testing purposes and suggestions. It has been felt by most desktop users that Windows 8 is not easy to use and many features, like the cumbersome method of shutting down, and the strange way of switching between apps, have been criticized. Microsoft knows everything and all feedback is being recorded at their place. After all, they want to make Windows 8, no-compromise. The fact that Microsoft is still working really hard on getting things right with Windows 8, is quite evident.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft didn’t stop at Consumer Preview. They have been working really hard and have compiled many Pre-RC Builds too. Already Microsoft has crossed the build number 8300. Yes, Windows 8 is finally in the 83xx series! The WinMain branch is so boring. Just bug fixes. All new features are being implemented by the various FBL labs. Already, Microsoft is on the verge of completing the Pre-Release Candidate builds, probably, by the end of this month, pre-RC builds should be done away with.

Expect a Release Candidate (The Enterprise Preview) by the end of April (We don’t guarantee, anything here). Windows 8 will have lesser SKUs (editions) than Windows 7, as reported by an internal Microsoft source. Windows 8 should RTM, probably by July, unless of course, something seriously wrong happens, (let’s hope not).

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