Office 15 leaked to a private group!

Office 15 leaked

Office 15 leaked

Good news! Microsoft released the Technical Preview of Office 15 to a couple of TAP partners. We might see it soon. Office 15 has been already leaked to a private group. Let’s see how long it takes to reach the public!

A Milestone 2 Build of Office 15 was leaked to the public (Build 2703). It became quite clear that Microsoft is trying to metrofy and virtualize things. Here is a screenshot of the Office 15 Outlook.

Office 15 leaked

Some more screenshots were also leaked by The Verge, a couple of days ago. So, you might see something soon. Please note, however, that we are not confirming any public leak. It depends solely on whether those guys want to leak it, or not.

Another thing which still is a mystery, is about the logo. Will Microsoft use the old logo above, or the new one below?

Office 15 leaked

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        • The folks who made the computer book at my school, still use Office 2000 (Even Office ’97 at times).. On Window 98.. I wish that “9” weren’t there in the name.. :D

          • Office 2007 supports all document formats as of now and hence I stick to it… I did try the later version of Office too but didnt like the layout much.

          • Really sure? You mightn’t be able to get all those new SmartArts and animations in PowerPoint working on 2007.

          • Didnt get you here… I am actually using MS Office 2007 and I do get all those SmartArts and animations in Powerpoint working on 2007 :P

            BTW, for all my projects I keep it simple and professional. So animations aren’t of much importance for me. Same is for SmartArts too… I rarely ever use that.

            The file format didnt get changed after MS Office 2007 (.docx)… So, all document format do work in 2007 version without any issue as it support both doc and docx extension.

          • The file format won’t ever get changed now.. Microsoft realized their mistakes by changing too much in Vista and Office 12 (2007)..
            And yeah, I too hate those “bling-bling” effects n all. Simpler, and better animations too, are there. But newer ones.
            You know what Metro, Microsoft’s new theme, is all about.

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