Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub – Review

Amkette is a leading brand in India for Digital Lifestyle products and a well known brand in India ofcourse. With introduction of various innovative products in store, they are one of the brand with goodwill in India. We at GizmoLord grabbed one such innovative product from Amkette named “Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub” where we will review the product in detailed manner.

Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB HUB
Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB HUB

Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub

Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub is a powered USB hub which can be used for multiple purpose such as connecting multiple USB powered devices, charging USB powered smartphones and a lot more. We shall explore all these details in our following in-depth review as follows.


Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub
Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub Package contents

The product is packed in a complete sealed plastic moulded package. You will need to cut the package from all sides to get the contents of the package out. The package contains the following items:

  • Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Extension Cable (Male-Female Port)
  • User Manual

The overall package seems very decent. The manual supplied is very tiny in font size and dull printed but it serves the purpose to an extent we suppose.


The product is designed very precisely keeping the uniqueness and goodwill of the quality products from Amkette India. The USB Hub is having 7 different USB 2.0 ports namely 2 ports located at the top of the device, 3 ports located on the front portion, one port on the left and one port on the right portion totalling 7 ports in the device.

The rectangular curved Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub is designed in such a way that, it helps itself from being dusty. Let me explain this part specifically with reference from the images as follows:

Amkette 7 Port USB Hub Package Top USB Port

You can check here that the top 2 ports are given a lid door which helps the port from dust and other elements in nature.

Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub Package Front Port

The rest ports are covered with the USB wire rolled (0.6m) over the device.

The device is having a red LED power light on top left portion over the top. The device is having rubber grips on bottom portion of the device. We really appreciate the design aspect of this device which is brilliantly done considering the environmental factors.

One of the disturbing observation we had is the red LED light on the product module. The light is too bright that it disturbs a user’s vision especially at low light or night. A low lit LED would have been more preferred here instead.


Moving towards questioning over the Quality of the product, we explored this section in a very detailed manner. The Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub is made of hard plastic and the quality of the plastic is very stiff and tough. The USB wire used in the device is broad, hard coated with thick plastic element. The USB port if we observe closely, it is having gold colored filaments which is quite exceptional from the local USB ports you see in market where you find only steel filaments. We are not sure if its gold plated filaments as we didn’t dissembled the device yet in our experiments, but it is indeed better than the local ones we see.

The extension cable provided along with the product package is of top notch quality comparing with the extension cable we receive with any of the top brands producing data cards. We are very much satisfied with the product quality for the price tag its being offered. The USB Hub is having surge protection feature which helps the connected device from getting damaged under any overcurrent circumstances.


The product uses Multiple Transaction Translator (MTT) technology which gives a guaranteed 12Mbps minimum speed in each of the 7 USB ports of the device. Each port is 2.0 compatible and unfortunately not designed for the latest 3.0 USB technology. Any 3.0 USB powered device connected to Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub will operate at 2.0 USB speed. The maximum data transfer speed on each port is upto 480 Mbps. The USB Hub is supplied with 5v power adapter making it completely compatible for connecting high power consuming USB devices.

Our Observation: The product is plug & play compatible which makes it simple to connect and operate without any hassle. We connected Google Nexus 4 smartphone to the USB Hub and observed the charging voltage and frequency. The Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub provided flat 1A charging output to the smartphone making the charging more efficient. We connected 250GB Western Digital external Hard Disk Drive to the USB HUB and tried with some transfer of files to and from the connected PC. We got 29Mbps transfer speed here (the transfer speed also depends on the HDD read & write speed).

Judging with the performance factor, we can surely say that this product is definitely perfect for anyone looking for a powered USB HUB. It will never disappoint you over quality, performance and design factor.

Value for money

As we mentioned, Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub is truly impressive with its design, quality, and performance. The product comes with a price tag of 1,295 INR which we find very reasonable for the product of this class and features. The product comes with a year warranty by the manufacturer. You can purchase this product from some of the famous online shopping sites such as Flipkart, Amazon India, Snapdeal and Croma.

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Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub - Review - GizmoLord
Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub - Review

Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub is a powered USB hub which can be used for multiple purpose such as connecting multiple USB powered devices

Product Brand: Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB HUB

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Product Price: 1295

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