GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection for Nokia Lumia 520 – Review

GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection for Nokia Lumia 520

GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection

For protecting your Nokia Lumia 520 from undesired scratches Gadgetshieldz’s screen protector for it is an excellent choice.  Unlike other screen protectors, GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection protects the screen from scratches as well as the whole body of the device.

GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection package comes with an ultra-clear and 0.2mm thick protector film. As it is very very thin after applying it over the screen and body of your Lumia 520 you can find no difference in the appearance of your device. The ultra-thin film is almost invisible after application.

Again, this film is very clear and you can apply it very smoothly, it doesn’t leave unwanted film wound while applying it over the screen. You can almost notice no difference in the visibility of your phone screen after applying it. It will maintain the same clarity and touch experience as it was before applying the film. (Well, I’m still not saying that it comes with a spell casted by witches of Braverly Hills witches which make it invisible after application.)


GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection for Nokia Lumia 520

The design of the GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection is very effective. The well engineered design of the film is made to perfectly fit to your Nokia Lumia 520. The protector film is designed such a way that it totally fits to your device keeping all the buttons of your phone perfectly accessible.

There are two ultra-thin films that cover the entire body of your Lumia 520. One covers the front side i.e. screen keeping the windows start button, back button and search button perfectly accessible. Another cover the back side and all the edges of the phone keeping all the buttons in the side panel of your phone perfectly accessible.

Well, looking at its effective design that is keeping the device buttons completely accessible and perfectly fitting to the phone body I’m giving a five star to it.


Now talking about its toughness and durability, GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection is very highly resistive to daily scratches comes to the phone due to different reasons. Like when you put your phone inside your tight jeans pocket with a bunch of other things.

Well, GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection protector keeps your phone screen and body safe from bad scratches when you put it inside your jeans pocket with a bunch of keys or coins. Sometimes does this when you ask someone to pass your phone on the table, they simply slide it over the table to your end.

Well, I think we all know what happens when a phone slides over a table surface right? It leaves bad scratches on the back side of your phone’s body. But, this total body protector for Nokia Lumia 520 by Gadgetshieldz make sure that your device get no scratch when it slides over a surface like table surface.

Well, everybody wants to keep their device inside the box to prevent it from scratches and damages. But, now you don’t have to do that, with this amazing phone body protector you can keep your device outside the box and prevent it from bad scratches.

This total body protector for Nokia Lumia 520 by Gadgtshieldz provides maximum protection from the scratches to your phone. It is very good from the design basis, working basis and toughness basis.


In my opinion this one of the best phone body protector available right now for your Nokia Lumia 520. I strongly recommend this to use on your Nokia Lumia 520, you won’t be disappointed by the result.


Gadget Shieldz Total Body Protection protector comes with a maximum retail price of Rs.499/-. You can check out all the pricing and shopping details for this product here. You may also purchase GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection kit for your Nokia Lumia 520 from the famous online shopping sites such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon India, Amazon and more. Well, there are other screen protector devices for Nokia Lumia 520 which comes at lesser price than GadgetSheildz’s protector.

But at some points this price is genuine and at some points it falls down. Like this provides total body protection where as other protectors only prevents the phone screen from scratches.

Again, I’m not saying that there are no other protectors which are providing total body protection and even that are coming in lesser price than GadgetShieldz’s. So, at this point the price kind of feels not genuine.

But, still this is one of the best phone protectors available right now. It’s totally worth giving a try. This well designed and very durable and ensures optimum safety of your Nokia Lumia 520 from external scratches.

GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection for Nokia Lumia 520 - Review - GizmoLord
GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection for Nokia Lumia 520 - Review

GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection protects the screen from scratches as well as the whole body of the device.GadgetShieldz Total Body Protection package

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