ShopClues – One of the worst Indian Online Shopping Site

ShopClues is an emerging Indian Online Shopping site which is located at Gurgaon, India. The Company is founded in July 2011 and funded by leading institutional investors and is an Indian subsidiary of Clues Network Inc., a US Corporation. The teaser caption of the ShopClues terms themselves as “India’s First & Largest Managed Marketplace” – So this really do justice to what they offer? Yes, you might be wondering what blunder I am talking about but the facts point it out straight questioning about their worst services, and fraudulent activities.

ShopClues - Worst Indian Online Shopping Site


Shopclues was low on profile with respect to the current top online shopping sites of India until they started to offer jaw dropping deals on products with an eye catching price tag. Now what lies behind their whooping heavy discounts is their worst customer services, worst after sales service, replacement/refund claims, poor quality products, poor delivery which sometimes even lead to fraudulent business.

I been a victim of their poor services, replacement policy, poor quality product/duplicate items and poor delivery. This point has led me to investigate whether if I am the only one who experienced their poor services or if they actually are poor at delivering a better experience to the customers and this is what I collected so far from the customers of ShopClues:

Worst Delivery – Wait Wait until you get pissed off

The First thing you observe about this company is their poor delivery period. They make you wait wait and keep waiting for the product. Customers keep calling the customer care number and their support email which again is non-responsive and productive in nature. The long wait later usually result in refund of the money you paid (excluding any taxes) which again isnt instant. You are made to wait some more days for the refund money to get credited to your source bank.

Here are some of the responses from customers of ShopClues who suffered the same scenario:

Clueless Online Shopping.

friends shopclues is one of the worst sites i have seen till now. i have shopped from many online shops but i was never cheated like this. here i will share the incidence. i have ordered for laptop cleaning kit on 11th august. order id 1406147. the order was not at all shipped to me till now. when i called the customer care they will respond telling that we will be shipping it shortly but not with a date.. today when i called again he shopped me saying that they are not going to ship the product and the money will be refunded in 10 working days.. when i asked for a reason they are beating around the bush without giving a reason.   stupid shopclues. i never suggest it for anybody…

Worst Experience with ShopClues

This is sanjeev i place a order no.1383878 on 01 Aug 2012, 05:02 PM from this site (Kingston DTIG3 16GB Pen Drive (White & Dark Blue) in jaw dropping deal. but I don’t have any response from his side. when i call to his CC than thy told me in very rudely behave. he send me my order within 4-5 day’s. i call him after 7 day’s but thy told me we refund my money soon 9-10 day but still i don’t have any balance in my A/C. frends this is very fraud site pls don’t shop from this fraud side


I have ordered a pendrive almost 20 days before, I haven’t received it yet. When I followed-up them found that they have forgot to ship the product but they remember to debit my account for the product cost.
I have dialed their number atleast 4 times everyday, 90% time they do not lift the phone. For the 10% when they talked with me just told me that you will get it within 4 working days. Also not ready to repay my money. All corrupted people are recruited there, they want only money .

Cheaters – Fake Shopping site

I orderd from you on 15th June and I paid Online also still No response from their side when I call their number that is always No Response and even at Chat also no Response Worst Online shopping service For your reference my order id-1243260 ,I never ever suggest anyone this turtle Company to anybody and to all online shoppers my suugestion never get cheated from this Turtle company Only Deals are not enough First they should have Good Customer service which is not there Big No this Company

Duplicate Product – Poor Quality products

The product they ships sometimes turns out to be fake/inferior quality/replica of original / damaged / missing accessories/ seal opened state. Let us see what some users have to say on this same concern:

Why do I say that? Well, when I ordered a pen drive and paid via netbanking; everything went hunkydory. They are not as fast as but a day or two later is still not bad. So I went ahead and ordered a prepaid (no COD) HP Deskjet printer. Firstly, it took 4-5 days to arrive. Ok no problem. So excitedly I open the plain looking box which contains the actual HP box shipped by a firm in Delhi. Ok so I open HP box carefully. Everything was there EXCEPT the part which holds the paper tray in the back of the printer was broken. A small plastic tube like thing can kill your happiness. So within 2 hours I got on the phone, took photos like they asked me to, and sent an email. Tick, tock, tick, tock…

Two days later no word. So I follow up with a call. “Oh, so sorry, we will certainly get back to you fast!” By next day, I get an email “Congratulations, your shipment has been cleared for return (as if I have won some competition!). We will send for a pickup. Kindly have the box ready etc…” Of course, pickup guy shows up only after I get on the phone and remind them about it…two more days… And I don’t even know whether they are going to ship me another one, or just provide a refund. In other words, I can’t order another printer anywhere…totally in their clutches.

Guess what? The Blue Dart person who shows up is riding a 2-wheeler and so can’t pick up the printer box specially during rainy days! Wow..and that was four days ago… I am furious and write a scathing email… within an hour I get an apology email promising me a pick up “in a day or two!”…

So while I am waiting, I thought I should do everyone a favour and let my fellow brothers & sisters know that this site may be good only for small unbreakable items like pen drive where chances of anything going wrong are remote. But for now, I have resolved to stay away from them and stick with To inquiring minds who want a disclaimer: No I don’t work for or have any links, however remote, with FlipKart people. I just found them more prompt and more careful in packaging my orders. Guess that’s where I am headed once I get my money back from these ShopClueLess people! Take care, you all.

Recently I brought Aakash tablet from After 4-5 days its delivered to me through Blue dart courier. I thought as they are using such courier for delivery so I will get good product. But when I opened that package, I was shocked. They sent me used product with lots of scratches on screen. I was trying there number since morning till evening. But there number always shows number busy. Whereas sometimes we get connected but no one pickups the calls. Everybody like me trying to contact there numbers.

When I wrote email to them, they said send us product pictures will look into it. Already 7 days are over but till date I haven’t received any solution. When I posted my complaint on facebook on there official page, they fraud blocked my commenting access. That means they are intentionally doing it. I would request all buyers do not go to this fraud site. Go to branded sites like, but not to

hi guys plz don’t buy anything from this website they are totally fraud …420 i bought one nokia headset for 1000 rs… they gave me a useless one its not working they dint give any bill or invoice for that they cheated me perfectly when I ask for the exchange they said no exchange for this product… I got f**ked…

After getting payment you get a mail stating that your payment is pending., if you check your credit card payment already debited., if you contact their person they mention send statement so that we can consider or else we wont help you., pakka 420 pls pls avoid ordering through this., if price more also ok go with flipkart., reliable these people fooling., I was Victimized and I am planning to log complaint in Consumer Forum even police station ordered Galaxy ace Rs. 14668 paid, no money no consignment

I purchased a nokia charger from there website , @79Rs , I think if they can provide belkin surge protector @199 , then it’s possible for them to provide a Nokia charger at that Price… but before ordering , i asked there customer support via chat and via email , if it is original or OEM or what? and if we get original packing or not ? and what’s the warranty on it….there cc replied that this is 100% genuine charger with original packaging and warranty is same as that manufacturer provide, I ordered the Product ,they later remove “brand:nokia” from it’s features and edited it’s price, got delivered in 6 days. but it was a chinese charger loosely packed in air bubble sheet, when i put in it wall socket , it’s not even working…. called them on phone [it’s engaged], on chat & email – no reply, the matter is not of 79 Rs … it’s of fooling People

Selling 100% fake and pathetic quality products in name of Jaw Dropping or One day deal etc. Fake umbrella, fake socks, fake deos. CC number always unreachable…And Super-arrogant replies on FB page…They SUCK

I bought a presenter and was sent the wrong product. customer support is difficult to connect, chat is a joke with the person on the other end repeatedly asking us to let them know the problem without reading the message sent, emails are hardly ever replied. My product was supplied by channel infomatic and it seems these chaps are not replying to shopclues mails!! so much for their products and assurance. Now I am stuck with a product I did not order, and cannot buy the one I want since my money is stuck with them. Need to be careful of shopclues, they put lots of offers but what reaches you depends on your luck only. better to stick to standard ones like flipkart etc who are more resonsible.

Please dont buy anything from shopclues, they deliver products very slowly and damaged products.

I purchased 2 products which they delivered after 15 days and that too defective products. I placed for return request which is still pending since 40 days.

Amazed? Still lot to think about their refund policy and replacement policy

Yes, they do mention that they refund the amount under certain conditions, but even if the conditions is met they fail to refund the money which you paid. You will go nuts contacting them and wait for a response from the team. No actions, no refunds would take place any sooner. Many are victims for this lame act by shopclues and hence we request all the online shoppers to refrain from visiting ShopClues if you do not wish to be get cheated by them.

I wish to narrate my incident over this which makes it a fact how bad ShopClues is at their disposal.

I recently bought a mobile phone from ShopClues. The details are as follows:

Order #1325986
12 Jul 2012, 07:24 PM

ProductQuantityUnit price   Subtotal
Reliance Classic 73101Rs.2,299   Rs.2,299
(-)Order Discount:Rs.1,930
Price after Discount:Rs.369

Selling Price:Rs.369
On Order Completion, You Will Earn Clues Bucks: 7
Subtotal:Rs.2,299(-)Order Discount:Rs.1,930Price after Discount:Rs.369
Selling Price:Rs.369On Order Completion, You Will Earn Clues Bucks: 7Subtotal:Rs.2,299(-)Order Discount:Rs.1,930Price after Discount:Rs.369
Selling Price:Rs.369On Order Completion, You Will Earn Clues Bucks: 7
(-)Order Discount:Rs.1,930
Price after Discount:Rs.369

Selling Price:Rs.369
On Order Completion, You Will Earn Clues Bucks: 7
(-)Order Discount:Rs.1,930
Price after Discount:Rs.369

Selling Price:Rs.369
On Order Completion, You Will Earn Clues Bucks: 7

The product though arrived late, had numerous faults.

  1. The mic of the Phone was non-functional
  2. The top-left button was non-functional
  3. Auto-Switch Off of the phone while in use
  4. Low Network signal reception

I informed this to Shopclues via email and after some days I got reply from them mentioning that a return order pickup has been placed and the courier guy will arrive at my location to pickup the unit. They assured me that once they get back the product, they will ship replacement unit to my place. But none did arrive at my place to collect the unit even after a month passed.

Days passed, and the number of calls and mails too were increasing day by day enquiring about the status of my product which they cared not to respond promptly. I really got fed up with their poor services and then visited their Facebook Fanpage where I commented bad reviews about them mentioning my concern. This has led ShopClues to contact me and then again assured me about the pickup soon but was in vain.

After repeated calls and emails, they anyhow arranged for the pickup and the product successfully reached at their destination. Now that the product has been reached at their place, they are rejecting for a replacement saying the product is out of stock and they wish to refund my amount. When enquired, the refund money would be in form of Shop Clues credit which can be used to shop the next order from shopclues. The concern is not about my money infact, but the poor service and wastage of my valuable time behind this for about 3 months.

My last reply to them:

I do not wish to have either shop clues Bucks or refund amount. As I have placed the order and wasted my 2 months behind shopclues regarding my order and its replacement. I realized how bad the services is at shopclues and I will be writing a detailed review about Shopclues at Gizmolord Blog. I was in need of a phone and placed the order for the same. It was really a bitter experience with Shop clues from the day I been in contact with them. As soon as the product reached my destination (after late delivery), I found the product to be faulty and informed the same to Shopclues. Shopclues were to arrange for the pickup of the faulty product but failed multiple times.

After about a month of non-responsive nature of Shopclues I expressed my views at Facebook Fanpage of Shopclues where they addressed the query. After about 2 weeks the pickup were arranged and now, at this point shopclues is failing to provide with a replacement. Its exactly two months now which I wasted over Shopclues + non-usage of the product. I even asked/accepted/provided with alternative option of providing me with another brand phone of same or near the value of the product I purchased in regard to the non-availability for the replacement of the same brand product which I ordered for.

Even this provision went unanswered. This point has marked the worst after sales service of ShopClues and I will be honored to pass on this news to fellow shoppers of our Blog, Forum and Networks to be cautious about ShopClues for any purchases. Regards, Die2mrw007


ShopClues is like a lucky draw, if you are lucky you get the right product with right delivery and if not you get a worst experience. The happy customers of them are those who are attracted towards the cheap pricing who ignores the late delivery and other services for the fact that they are getting it cheaper from other sites. Now, for those who are serious online shoppers and wish to get the right product at right time with product guarantee and better service, ShopClues is a complete “NO”. Well there are many top online shopping sites in India which offers quality product with quality service and delivery. The list are as follows:

1. Flipkart
2. Ebay
3. Infibeam
4. Indiatimes Shopping
5. Snapdeal
6. Jabong
7. Saholic
8. Amazon

“So do make a wise choice. Shop safe!”

About the author 

Nitesh Kunnath

Nitesh Kunnath is a full time Web Developer, Digital Entrepreneur, Tech Blogger based in Mumbai, India. He writes and manages his Blog and community forum at

  • The Shopclues team are a bunch of incompetent nincompoops. they harass the customer, provide incompetent service, and truly are useless. have had several bad experiences with them. my mistake was that i bought again from them despite experiencing poor service. overall, they amount to cheating. Would never recommend them to anyone. I recommend that you also dont buy from them every again.

  • I placed order video order no. 118067838 for HMT gents watch of Rs. 179/-&one ladies watch of Rs. 209/- total cost includes shipping Rs. 470/-payment system cod on 09-06-17.But when I take delivery I see that both products are duplicate third grade Chinese watch. Saller is Aman enterprise, meerat. I purchase online from Flipcart, Snapdeal also naptol no problem this types was arising. But first time purchase from shopclues, they cheated me.


    Well I think I did repeat my mistake by buying on Shopclues , and this is lesson that some people never improve.

    I did receive one runner less in delivery , I asked for getting that that delivered , customer executive asked me to return the whole order. I did place return order and still no has turned back.

    Shoping on shopclues is like giving yourself punishment with your own money . No one cares here for customer , if you dont have any problems in life and want some then welcome to Shopclues , they will make your life hell for some time with your own money.

    Last time two years back they tortured me like hell for the refund of my 50000/- rupees for around 2-3 months against the undelivered /cancelled orders , I thought they would have improved by now but this is great example that you should never forget your lessons learnt in past.

    If you have got easy money and cant even spend on gambling then go for Shopclues and I bet you will feel lost enough every time you buy here.

  • Well i too had worst online shopping experience with SHOPCLUE they delivered me a damage product when i ask them for return Their Worst support automated responses start THATS BULLSH^T and after one and half month their automated response comes TICKET for return is closed ,WORST their customer care is of no use calls are answered after 15minutes or never answered When try to address the issue they simply disconnect the Calls after 30minutes being kept on hold call. this BULLSH^T Site called SHOPCLUES Selling used stuff Comeon atleast mention on your site “SHOPCLUE counterfeit item bazaar “.

  • Shopclues – The biggest fraud of ecommerce

    They say we provide Return and Refund., but they are lier they not going to give you any services.

    I ordered a mobile from shopclues. i got the product and same day i found battery is defected, so i file return request. , but i made mistake. i choose ‘Quality Issues’ while i returning a product.

    Till that day daily i call them and daily i need to repeat same story again and again.they says we will update your return request. another day same thing.

    after many calls i tried and say them to give me ans in ‘Yes or No’ .. is return possible.

    His ans … NO, We are not going to process any return.
    if you have problem with mobile visit mobile services center, and if they not provide services than you have to show us memo then we will provide return.

    Now, we all know Service center requires around 15 Days- 20 Days to inspect your mobile.

    shopclues return policy : 10 Days.

    how i’ll show them memo. ????
    when i will get memo , they definitely give ans .. Sorry return Policy expired … !!!

    also sellers details are wrong, otherwise i can directly contact seller .

    My Order No. 108810852.

  • Ordered a refurbished Nokia phone – the product I received was a big disappointment – the battery does not hold charge and the brightness on the screen in unevenly spread. Just an advice – do not buy such sub standard products or refurbished products from a site with no certification or assurance. Feel cheated

  • It’s high time that all the people who have been cheated by Shopclues start filing cases in the Consumer Courts and/or High Courts. Many multi-national companies have already sued them for selling cheap imitation/fake products.

    I am sure they are still continuing to somehow cheat people just to pay for their expenses incurred towards defending themselves from the dozens of court cases.

    The cheated customers must be compensated and their website shut down immediately.

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