Microsoft Buys Nokia’s Device and Services Division

Microsoft Buys Nokia's Device and Services Division

Microsoft buys Nokia

In this world of uncertainties things can happen when you least expect them and sometimes you never know what hit you. Other times you see them coming but there is nothing that you can do avoid them. Once such situation was Nokia being bought up by Microsoft. Some say the day Stephen Elop was elected as Nokia CEO, it would eventually come to this day.

And that day has arrived, Microsoft buys Nokia’s Device and Services Division. Two years after the famous burning platform memo from Stephan Elop, we are seeing what Nokia fans would clearly agree as the Black Day in Nokia’s History. Once a pioneer of Mobile Technology and world leader in Mobile Phones Market is not being reduced to dirt cheap prices and bought into pieces.

I don’t know what would had happened if Nokia had gone with Android (Even after Google denying their request). But I guess with Samsung having deeper wallets than Nokia it would have just delayed the inevitable. Sentiments towards Nokia Brand are strong in markets like India, can’t say the same about the Brand Microsoft. The Nokia name alone was responsible to the growth of Windows Phone and bringing Windows Phone where it is today as a competitive 3rd Eco System.

With Nokia name gone, it remains to be seen what will happen to Windows Phone. If at all Microsoft decides to take away the Nokia name, will people still buy Windows Phone? If yes, then why only Nokia was able to make gain big from WP, why not Samsung or HTC, Samsung already has a major share in Android platform, the aura of which was also supposed to be carried away in Windows Phone, but it didn’t instead Nokia came from behind and went very far ahead of its competitors only because of its name.

What is done is done, now to see where Windows Phone and Nokia goes from here. Will they prevail or will they perish? If Microsoft doesn’t get this right Nokia will be totally done for once in for all. We just hope of all the best.

You can read the complete press release at the below link and also some presentation and info graphics.

Press Release

Open Letter to Consumers

Nokia Acquisition Presentation

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